Twenty Four Kidnap Attacks this Year make Gulf of Guinea World Piracy Hotspot

As Four More Crew Taken Call Goes Out for Combined Naval Task Force

GHANA – Waters just five nautical miles from the Western perimeter of the Gulf of Guinea witnessed yet another kidnapping from a merchant vessel as four crew from a complement of 23 were seized by pirates. This was the 24th such incident in 2020, a year which so far has seen a reported 122 crew taken in such a way.

The target this time was the Marshall Island’s registered 37,600 dwt chemical tanker MV Agisilaos, attacked in the early hours of 30 November, and victim of a burgeoning crime wave, with the ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB) figures showing a 40% increase in the number of kidnappings reported in the Gulf of Guinea this year as against 2019.

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