Extra security for Indian Ocean shipping no longer justified as East African piracy drops

As the threat of piracy off the East Coast of Africa declines, the significant security costs for transits in the Indian Ocean and through the Red Sea are no longer justified, according to risk intelligence firm Dryad Global.

In its annual piracy report for 2019, Dryad said there is little incentive for the insurance industry to remove its premiums that are linked to the piracy threat off East Africa in spite of the reduced threat. “Despite commanding the largest premiums and associated costs of armed guards, the Indian Ocean ranks fourth in maritime crime incidents with less than one fifth of incidents of the most active; West Africa.”

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Source: defenceweb.co.za

Somalia’s untapped Oil and new petroleum bill creating further divisions

The President of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo on Saturday signed into law the controversial petroleum bill, paving the way to extraction and exportation of the end products.

For months now, the law had caused divisions with Somalia, with regional states protesting certain clauses which they deem controversial. Jubaland and Puntland have strongly opposed certain provisions where they termed “draconian” and “unreasonable” after a tussle in both houses.

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Source: garoweonline.com

India, several African nations call for increase in maritime security

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Feb 7 (ANI): India and several African nations on Thursday called for an increase in maritime security through mutual cooperation to prevent crimes like trafficking and piracy.

“We seek to increase our cooperation in securing sea lines of communication, preventing maritime crimes, disaster, piracy, illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing through sharing of information and surveillance,” as per the Lucknow Declaration adopted by the ministers after the meeting.

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Source: bignewsnetwork.com

How Rampant Illegal Fishing Is Destabilizing Somalia

New research examines how illegal fishing hurts Somalia’s economy, exacerbates conflicts, and upsets political stability.

by Munyaradzi Makoni

In Somali waters, illegal fishing is a pervasive problem. It triggers clashes between foreign and domestic fishers, and destabilizes Somali life.

For at least seven decades, foreign fishers have harvested Somalia’s fish with little or no deterrence. The clashes escalated with the 1991 collapse of the government. As civil war took hold and warlords scrambled to rule, the longest coastline in continental Africa, at 3,333 kilometers, was suddenly unprotected.

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Source: hakaimagazine.com


Iran, regional countries responsible for maritime security in region

Persian Gulf/SoH

In reaction to the departure of Japanese destroyer to the Persian Gulf, Iranian Embassy in Japan said that the maritime security should be provided by the countries of the region and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In a Monday tweet, the Iranian Embassy in Japan reacted to the departure of Japanese destroyer Takanami with some 200 sailors to the Middle East. “The principle position of the Islamic Republic of Iran as one of the historic guards of security in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz is that the presence of foreign forces in the region will not contribute to security and stability,” the statement said.

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Source: en.mehrnews.com

Bahrain’s navy patrolling shipping lanes to ensure safe passage for cargo vessels

Persian Gulf/SoH

BAHRAINI naval forces have been patrolling shipping lanes in the region to ensure safe passage for cargo vessels alongside international partners. The Royal Bahrain Naval Force yesterday drew praises from a senior US naval commander for its operational ability and working with the seven-member International Maritime Security Construct (IMSC), which was launched in November to protect the international merchant community following a string of vessel attacks that have been blamed on Iran.

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France kickstarts European mission in the Strait of Hormuz

French destroyer Chevalier Paul, via Wikipedia/Michael Davies

PARIS (Reuters) – France announced on Thursday the beginning of the European Maritime Awareness mission in the Strait of Hormuz (EMASoH), intended to ensure the freedom of navigation in the Gulf while promoting a de-escalation approach with Iran.

The French government has pushed for a European security alternative in the Strait of Hormuz after ruling out taking part in a U.S.-led coalition protecting oil tankers and cargo ships from what Washington says is a threat from Iran.

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Source: reuters.com