Mozambican navy intercepts ‘1.5 tonnes of heroin’

Iranian drug dhow on fire, via Mozambique Defence Forces.

The Mozambican authorities are detaining 12 Iranians caught allegedly shipping drugs off the coast of the northern province of Cabo Delgado.

The boat was intercepted on Saturday in a joint operation carried out by the Mozambican navy and the National Criminal Investigation Service (Sernic).

The interception occurred about 50km (31 miles) from the Mozambican coast.

Occupants of the vessel are said to have set it on fire moments before their arrest.

Police say the fire destroyed the approximately 1.5 tonnes of heroin suspected to be on board.

They then jumped off the ship into the Mozambique Channel. Three of them died, while 12 others were rescued by the navy.

The suspects, all of Iranian nationality, are being detained in the provincial capital, Pemba.

Local media reports indicate the operation resulted from intelligence gathered from the various agencies involved in fighting against drug trafficking.


Drakensberg now on humanitarian duty in Mozambique

Mozambique Channel

SAS Drakensberg (A301) is steaming up the east coast of southern Africa loaded with a cargo of much-needed humanitarian aid following completion of an Operation Copper anti-piracy mission in the Mozambique Channel.

The humanitarian aid forms part of international support, including from South Africa, to assist in rebuilding cyclone damaged Mozambique. Estimates are Cyclone Idai, which hit Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe in March, caused damage running into billions of dollars, destroying houses, farms, roads and other infrastructure in the process.

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India hands over interceptor boats to Mozambique

India has handed over two fast interceptor boats to Mozambique as part of an agreement to strengthen defence cooperation between the two countries.

The boats were handed over on 29 July during a ceremony at Mozambican Naval Headquarters, coinciding with a visit by India’s Defence Minister Shri Rajnath Singh. It was Singh’s first visit abroad as Defence Minister and the first-ever visit of an Indian Defence Minister to Mozambique.

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Mozambique Loses as Foreigners Plunder Its Coast

Comprising one-fifth of the earth’s population, China consumes more than a third of the fish pulled from the planet’s waters. With its demand outpacing supply, fisheries from China have joined other nations and set their eyes and their nets on African waters without concern for sovereignty or law. 

Africans struggling to emerge from poverty are paying the price for these predations. Mozambique alone has lost 300,000 badly-needed jobs and as much as $3.3 billion in revenue – 10 times the amount East African nations make in legally licensing fishing by foreign vessels, according to the non-profit Stop Illegal Fishing.

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